Hot Air balloon

Hot air balloons is most romantic
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means of air transport:

Having been invented in 1783 hot air ballon is still widely used nowadays. Due to old history hair balloon is considered to be the privilege of the romantics and flights by hot air balloon – make an impression.

Lithuania is lucky

having a possibility to fly over Vilnius, capital of Lithuania and one of the most beautiful city in  Europe. Since Vilnius International Airport is not so busy and City itself is comfortable, you will see at least several balloons over city almost every summer day. Sightseeing Vilnius from a balloon is one of the most spectacular things you should do in Lithuania. 

If you fly for the first time you will be baptized according the old ballooning traditions, honourable titles and first flight certificates will be granted to you. Hot air balloon team invite you fo r a glass of champane.

We will offer you a hot air balloon ride over Vilnius, Trakai or any other place in Lithuania.