Balloon flights

Hot air balloon is lighter than air

and is driven not by engines, but by heating the
air which is in the envelope. Balloon always flies 
leeward, i.e. where the wind blows and as fast as it blows.

In summer hot air balloon flights usually start in the mornings (5am-9am), while termics (vertical air flows) are quiet  and/or in the evenings (6pm-9pm), when termics become quiet. In autumn - spring mornings flights start a bit later (8am), and in the evenings - earlier (4pm).

The average duration of the flight by hot air balloon is approximately one hour, even though technically it can fly 2-3 or even more hours.
Hot air balloon moves approximately 10-20 kilometres per hour.

It can rise up to more than 10 kilometres height. However, a human being after reaching height of 3 kilometres already feels lack of oxygen. Therefore, air balloons usually do not fly very high.